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Jordan 4 Retro Fake vs Real - Sneaker Request

With technological equipment advancements, people's fashion sense and styles have revolutionalised. Wearing flexible, comfy, lightweight sneakers is the demand of the hour. But choosing the best sneakers can prove a painstaking task. The Jordan 4 Retro has been introduced as the best authentic option in a world of flawed sneakers. 

And provides high comfort and security. However, corruption and cheating in every field have produced fake Jordan 4 Retro shoes. Knowing the differences between Jordan 4 Retro fake vs. real is essential to ensure you get the authentic shoes. A demanding type of sneaker is Jordan 4 seafoam, which you must try.

Top 5 Differences Between The Jordan 4 Retro Fake vs Real

The following are the main differences between Jordan 4 Retro fake vs real.

Check The Material Quality

The first difference between Jordan 4 Retro fake vs. real is that the real sneakers are made. With high-quality and improved materials. The noticeable thing about the original sneakers is that when constructing them. The professional team of this brand ensures that they provide equal attention to even the slightest things. That are not noticed by their fake parallel versions. It also uses authentic leather, breathable fabric, and man-made materials. That provide long-term support and have an original authentication stamp over them. 

Due to this, it is easy to differentiate between the real and fake Jordan 4 Retro sneakers. Because the fake version misses all the deep details and lacks the authentic stamp. Plus, their material is also not very durable and high-quality. Plus, they use average-quality fabrics, and the color of their sneakers also lacks a pattern. So that you can feel the difference immediately. 

The Art Of Sewing The Sneakers

The second difference between Jordan 4 Retro fake vs. real is that regarding the real sneakers. You should notice how the sneakers are sewn. Generally speaking, the original Jordan 4 Retro sneakers are sewn so that you can trace the whole sewing pattern. And all the lines are sewn neatly and cleanly. 

But when it comes to their parallel versions, they lack this uniformity in sewing, and all the lines are unequal. The threads are dangling and completely mawkish. You should carefully divert your attention to the top and side areas of the sneakers. Because the parallel versions do not pay attention to such areas. That is the easy yet cool way to differentiate between the real and fake Jordan 4 Retro sneakers. 

Logo Of The Brand

The third yet most simple difference is that the original Jordan 4 Retro sneakers logo is neatly sewn. Over the sneakers, enhancing quality and shine. The Air Jordan logo signifies that your sneakers are from this famous brand. On the other hand, when it comes to their parallel versions. The logo created on the sneakers is of poor quality in terms of size, shape, color, and other minor details. Are not given proper attention. 

That leads to irregular and messy sneakers, speaking highly that they are not the original Jordan 4 Retro sneakers! Once you start paying attention to the pattern and detailing of the logo on the sneakers. You can easily understand the difference between the original and fake sneakers.

Color Arrangement

The fourth difference between the original and fake Jordan 4 Retro sneakers is their color arrangement. The original sneakers always show a balance and unity between the colors and their arrangements. Even if the colors are mixed with any other color, you will also see that they are highly similar. And their combination provides a mesmerizing design on the sneakers. However, on the contrary, the fake versions of these sneakers do not use the same color pattern. 

The combinations they use lack unity and create an irregular sneaker pattern. That wearing will not lead to a daunting personality. You should pay close attention to the multi-colored sneakers, mainly to the areas between the outer and inner soles. Outer sole, and the Jordan logo (Jumpman logo). However, having someone with better knowledge of color arrangements and their combinations is important. Because exploring these minor details can prove to be a challenging task. 

Certifications And Wrapping

The fifth difference is that you should closely check the wrapping style of the purchased sneakers. The boxes of the original Jordan 4 Retro sneakers have always been improved. And the high-quality boxes and their printing pattern are also subtle and consistent. They provide complete information about their product, from minor to major. 

The original sneakers also have a certification of authentication and a tag. Showing the details of the materials used, fabric quality, etc. Because these things are not included in the fake sneakers, you can easily differentiate between the original and fake sneakers. You should also learn how to style Jordan 1 low.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, the Jordan 4 Retro fake vs. real sneakers. You should know some important and interesting facts about the sneakers. You usually miss out on due to purchasing in an emergency or other tasks. However, paying close attention to these details can help you use only the original and high-quality Jordan sneakers.

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