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Air Jordan is Nike !

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Air jordan is nike !

Jordan shoes, also known as Air Jordans, are a line of basketball shoes designed and produced by the sportswear company Nike in collaboration with former NBA basketball player Michael Jordan. The shoes were first released in 1985 and have since become an iconic part of sneaker culture.

Why is Air Jordan so popular?

Jordan shoes are popular due to their comfort, durability, and stylish designs. They are available in various colors and styles, and new models are constantly released to meet the changing tastes of sneaker enthusiasts.

In addition to basketball shoes, the Jordan line also produces clothing, accessories, and other merchandise, all featuring Michael Jordan's iconic Jumpman logo. The popularity of the Jordan line has led to a massive community of sneaker fans and collectors, and some rare Jordan shoes can fetch thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

Countless Air Jordan shoes

Countless Air Jordan shoes Air Jordan 1: This was the very first Jordan sneaker, released in 1985. Its design is based on the Nike Air Force 1 and features a distinctive "Wings" logo on the ankle.

Air Jordan 3: Released in 1988, this shoe was designed by the famous sneaker designer Tinker Hatfield. It features the "Jumpman" logo on the heel and striking elephant print on the heel and toe.

Air Jordan 4: Released in 1989, this shoe has a distinctive net detail on the sides and is available in various color combinations.

Air Jordan 11: Released in 1995, this shoe has a low profile and is recognizable for its glossy patent leather upper. It was also the first Jordan sneaker released after Michael Jordan retired.

Air Jordan 13: Designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1997, this shoe features a unique panther print on the outsole and heel.

These are just some of the most popular Jordan models, but many more styles and collaborations have been released over the years.

Facts about the Air Jordan collaboration

1.The Air Jordan 1 was first released in 1985 in collaboration with Nike and legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

2.The Air Jordan 1 was the first basketball shoe ever released by Nike.

3.The original colorway of the Air Jordan 1 was black and red, which at the time was in violation of NBA dress code.

4. The Air Jordan 1 was originally banned by the NBA for not matching uniform color rules. However, Michael Jordan still wore them on the court and eventually received a $5,000 fine per game.

5. In total, over 150 different colorways of the Air Jordan 1 have been released.

6. The Air Jordan 1 was a significant part of the rise of sneaker culture and is often regarded as an iconic sneaker in the history of footwear.

7. The Air Jordan 1 has many famous fans and has made its way into popular culture in movies, TV shows, and music videos.

8. In 2020, a pair of original Air Jordan 1s sold for $560,000, which is the highest amount ever paid for a pair of sneakers at auction.

9. In addition to Michael Jordan, many other famous basketball players, including Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, have released their own versions of the Air Jordan 1.

10. The Air Jordan 1 is still being produced and remains a popular choice for both basketball players and sneaker enthusiasts around the world.

Air Jordan and its status Overall

the Air Jordan 1 is a cultural icon in the sneaker world, with a rich history and lasting influence on the sneaker and fashion industries. From its origin as a basketball shoe to its current status as a symbol of self-expression and style, the Air Jordan 1 has remained a beloved and coveted.


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